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tv   Today  NBC  May 3, 2014 5:30am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. crisis getting worse. dozens of people dead in the ukraine and fighting in the streets as ukrainian forces battle with pro russian troops and what is looking more and more like a civil war. this morning the latest on the violence that threatens to spiral out of control. breaking her silence, the woman at the center of the scandal involving donald sterling speaks out for the first time. >> through his action, he is shown to be a very generous and kind man. if he was a real racist, then why would he help the world the way that he has? >> why she's defending sterling, what she's saying about tlir relationship now and what she thinks he should do next. and the princes visit the
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king. they take a trip to graceland. 100 adoring fans trying to get a glimpse at real royalty. they're visiting a closest friend in memphis today. saturday, may 3rd, 2014. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." >> i'm erica hill alongside jenna wolf. dylan is at churchill downs. you look fabulous. first time we've seen the head ware. >> the blazer looks great. >> michelle has a lovely combination. how tall is that hat, like five feet? >> i'm going 4 feet on this one. my next one will be five feet.
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they'll keep growing. you just wait. >> we'll be keeping track. >> the horse is like whoa. >> the horses are staying away. >> you are there for the 140th running of the kentucky derby, not just the hats. >> she is going to mention weather later as well. >> maybe. >> we do want to get right to today's top story that, is the woman who is at the center of the donald sterling controversy is now speaking out. jenna is following this one for us. >> good morning. v.stiviano claims she is sterling's personal assistant and knows that he's hurt right now. it was one week ago that the racist remarks first came to light when tmz posted audio of the conversation between stiviano and the man believed to be sterling. he told her not to post pictures online of herself with african-americans or to bring them to clippers games. he was fined $2.amillion and given a lifetime ban by the nba. meantime, stiviano is showing
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her face for the first time since the scandal broke. she spoke to barbara walters "20/20" last night. >> through his actions, he's shown he's not a racist. through his actions, he's shown to be a very generous and kind man. if he was a real racist, then why would he help the world the way that he has? i think he was overwhelmed by the situation. >> are you in love with donald sterling? >> i love him. >> i'm not sure that's what i asked. are you in love? >> no, i'm not in love. >> you love him like a friend? >> i love him like a father figure. >> stiviano said she thinks sterling should apologize. as far as the future of sterling and the clippers, the nba board of governors has already taken the first step to force the sale of the team. amid all the controversy, the clippers face possible elimination tonight in game seven of the first round of the
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playoffs. >> jenna, thanks. tensions are an all time high in ukraine where a new round of violence has led to dozens of deaths. at least 42 people were killed when ukrainian troops tried to take back that part of town from pro russian forces. we have a reporter on the ground in u crepe with mokraine with m. >> authorities in ukraine say they're trying to regain control of the eastern part of their country is not over. despite the day of setbacks yesterday in which they lost two helicopters and in which the battleground to a halt, they say that this morning they renewed the attack short of the separatist strong hold town. if they intend to press on, from what we know of the defenses, it could be very bloody indeed.
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the world is reacting in horror to the death toll in the southern city 500 miles southwest of here's. crowds of pro andant i didn't remember ukrainian forces running battles in the street ending up with a major building burning down killing 30 people, maybe more. most of them pro russians. and, of course, that raises the specter of how moscow and president putin is going to react. he has claimed repeatedly the right to intervene in defense of ethnic russians and the russian speakers here in ukraine. he has the tanks to do it. the question is whether he will see this as his opportunity. >> people in one small town in minnesota are extraordinarily grateful this morning for one woman who saw something unusual and decided to call police about it. according to authorities, it was her quick actions that helped stop a teenager from attacking
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his school. now she is speaking out. here's our justice correspondent pete williams. >> 6:00, 6:30 is when i noticed him walking. >> reporter: police in minnesota tell us the potentially dangerous plot was discovered thanks to an alert resident who turns out to be chelsea shellhos. she was home tuesday night with her cousin washing the dishes when she saw a young man walk through her backyard and enter one of the storage units nearby. so she called the police. >> the fact that he was sitting here struggling for ten minutes trying to opt storage unit, something didn't feel right about it. i said let's just call. i thought he was like breaking in. and then he got in there really quick and shut the door. so i honestly thought he was making drugs. >> reporter: the 17-year-old they found inside was in the final stages of planning a deadly attack at his own school. in court documents, investigators say he got seven guns and built six working bombs. members of the bomb squad, they
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said, were shocked by the amount of bomb making chemicals and components he got. ladue had been planning the attack for nine months including to 180 entries of pages in his notebook. the plan was to shoot and kill his sister and parents at home, light a fire nearby to distract first responders, set off the bombs at school and shoot students as they fled. grateful parents have started sending flowers to the two women who became concerned enough to call the police at just the right moment. for "today," pete williams, nbc news, washington. a deadly virus from overseas has now turned up in the united states and has many people wondering how concerned we should all be. our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman has more. >> reporter: it's called mers. it has been deadly for one out of every three people who get it, 93 deaths in the last two
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years. it was first identified in saudi arabia and five other middle eastern nations in 2012. as for the new case, the first confirmed here in the united states. health officials say the infected person left saudi arabia a week ago on april 24th, stopping in london before flying to chicago and then taking a bus to indiana. by then the traveler was in an emergency room with shortness of breath, cough, and fever. friday officials confirmed it is mers. while they say the general population is not in danger, they are working to track down anyone who may have crossed paths with the infected person. >> there has not been a clear case of person to person transmission outside of the health care setting yet. i think we need to keep this in perspective. >> reporter: the symptoms are similar to the flu and it is passed through close personal
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contact. doctors say there is no specific treatment, cure, or vaccination against the virus. the cdc wants people to know that the risk of transmission of this virus is relatively low. most people who come into contact with it still won't get it. nonetheless, a sobering reminder of what a small world we live in and the fact that new bacteria and viruses may only be a plane ride away. for "today," dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news. >> the world is getting smaller. let's get a check of the rest of the top stories. >> jenna back in with us. >> we begin with the latest on that missing malaysia airline flight. the airline said today it started talking with victims' families about compensation. the news comes as the first funerals are being held for passengers who were aboard flight 370. in afghanistan, tragedy struck a small village when heavy rains caused a deadly landslide. hundreds of rescuers and volunteers are digging out of the massive slide which ripped through a remote area in the
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northeast province. afghan officials are saying they've given up hope of finding any survivors putting the death toll at more than 2,000 people. a verdict has finally been reached in the patent war between apple and samsung. a federal jury ruled both companies are guilty of patent infringe. . samsung is guilty of copying iphone features. the company has to pay apple $120 million. and apple was found guilty of infringing on one of their patents. they own samsung $160 thou. some people are optimistic this morning. employers added 288,000 jobs in april bringing the unemployment rate to 6.3% from 6.7%. payrolls grew across the board in the business and professional areen yashgs retail and restaurants and construction. but, of course, it's not all good news. some 800,000 people stopped looking for work contribute together plunging unemployment numbers.
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and hands down the sweetest story of the morning. put down your coffee. more than a year after losing their dog named reckless during superstorm sandy in new jersey, the james family decided it was finally time to get a pet. so they go to a local animal shelter. they go looking for a dog. lo and behold, which do they find? yep, reckless. they recognize the scar on his head. how about that? so i have a couple requests in for two pairs of pants and a black turtleneck i can't find. >> i like your thinking. >> do you like it? >> i love that story. so sweet. >> thank you for putting me in my seat for that. >> he listened. >> i listen. all right, assuming the rumors are true, and george clooney is getting married, it is probably safe to say casino owner steve wynne will not be invited to the wedding. the actor and the mogul are involved in a pretty nasty spat
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over president obama. more now from nbc's stephanie goss. >> reporter: it's the vegas fight night that won't end n one corner world famous hollywood actor george clooney and in the other, billionaire casino mogul steve wynne. the public battle started last month when the two reportedly got into a shouting match over politics during dinner at wynne's vegas hotel. when the story leaked, clooney released a statement saying "wynne called the president an explitive, that is a fact." clooney said he in turn called wynne the same explitive and walked out. wynne denied the story in an interview with bloomberg television and said a-list actors like clooney are molly-coddled. >> they have a world view that is, therefore, everything should be given to everybody because everything has been given to them. i didn't call the president an. [ beep ] and he didn't call me a
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[ beep ] he was a little into the tequila. >> reporter: now the latest round, clooney won't back down. in a statement to "people" magazine, he insists the original story is true and maintains he had not one shot of tequila. clooney writing, he says i'm molly-coddled. i would suggest that mr. wynne look to his left and right and find anyone in his sphere that says anything but yes to him. >> a lot of times celebrities are like the rest of us. when they feel strongly about something, they feel the need to say something about it and set the record straight and that's what's happened here. >> reporter: and his final blow, you can't make up stories when eight people who are not on your payroll are sitting around you as witnesses." a knockout blow, probably not. maybe public opinion should just call the fight. for "today," stephanie goss being, nbc news, new york. princes william and harry will attend a wedding in memphis for a close friend they've known
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for years. before the celebration, they took time to visit the king. visiting elvis' home in graceland. that was followed by the rehearsal dinner for the wedding for the bride and groom to be. so just who is the man who could inspire two persons to travel across the pond for his wedding? duncan has more for us. good morning. >> good morning, erica. the man william and harry go to for a fun time. they might be princes, but he's known as the king of the london party scene. with a prince harry is partying in london night spots or simply watching sports with the guys, there is usually one guy in particular at his side, the man who is getting married today, guy pelley. the young entrepreneur is at the centerst the capital's party scene owning the most exclusive nightclubs and securing a vip table quite guarantee will spend at least $1,000. >> we went to school together. you know, i've known him for a long time. he's a fun, intelligent,
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outgoing, discreet, interesting. he's clever. he's a really cool guy. >> prince harry is said to love pelley's sense of fun but has been anything but fun at times. the two have been together for some of harry's most embarrassing episodes that have landed him in the headlines. when harry smoked pot in 2002, he denied he supplied the drug. and in 2005, they attended the same costume party where harry wore a nazi uniform. has pelley been a bad influence on harry? >> the stuff harry was quite young, guy pelley was in many ways unfairly branded as the person that was getting him into trouble. the truth is prince harry was always more than capable of getting in trouble himself when he was younger. >> even though harry is now single after his split with his long time girlfriend, his inner circumstance sl growing up. older brother william is married with a baby, now guy is settling down, too. so which harry will we see at
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that memphis wedding, the responsible royal or the fun loving party prince? all eyes are once again on the world's most eligible bachelor. guy pelley is known to have cut friends out of the circle if they're caught telling stories about the royals. erica, that's how you get two princes to your wedding, no gossiping. >> royalty goes a long way, doesn't it? thank you. excitement is building in kentucky with the 140th running of the kentucky derby. it looks like the weather is going to cooperate. >> nice to say that for a change. we're at churchill downs this morning. good morning. looking fabulous, by the way. >> thank you so much. good morning, guys. the excitement is building here. we first have to address the hat. there's a peacock feather on it that may or may not have been planned. this is the new hat. it is all the rage this year. so you'll be seeing a lot of these little bigger and smaller.
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it's hard to keep my head straight up and down. it is 140th running of the kentucky derby. of course, the big race gets started about 6:24 this afternoon. the horses going behind me, there is something to be said being here at churchill downs this early in the morning. there is a calmness that settles over the place as the horses start to get warmed up. it is really going to be a perfect day for the derby today. ideal weather conditions. we're looking at partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the lower 70s. low humidity. it is going to be about as perfect as you can get. big improvement from last year when the rain was coming down through most of the race. we're looking at 70 to 75 degrees. the track will be dry, too. so that might really affect who you're going to be betting on today. it is going to be a nice dry track. now where it's not dry, down in florida. that's where we still have some flooding concerns and more rain and thunderstorms are expected. we could see up to two inches of
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rain in some of those heavier downpours. so that's an area we'll have to keep an eye on today. that's one of the really only bad areas of weather across the . >> and we're seeing plenty of low clouds outside into the south bay and tri-valley this morning which hints at a bit of a cooler weekend ahead. temperatures in the low 70s around san jose, san francisco low 60s with the low clouds, lingering as we get into the afternoon, and inland santa rosa today 7 2, livermore 75. should be great for the wine country festival, temperatures in the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine. temperatures actually trending a bit cooler for sunday and monday and then on the rebound as we head towards the middle of next week. and coverage for the kentucky derby starts on nbc today at 4:00. but starting at noon on nbc sports, that's when the party begins. you can check out everything and all the hype leading up to today's big race. it will be fun. we have a lot coming up from
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here in churchill downs. >> thank you. moving on to encouraging story this morning about the enduring power of friendship. >> a group of vietnam war vets took on a new mission to track down a long lost companion who helped them get through one of the toughest times of their lives. we have the story. >> reporter: it was a reunion more than 40 years in the making. >> it was a wonderful release for a lot of us who just buried it. >> reporter: vietnam veteran tom poleson traveled from texas to north carolina to dig up old memories. >> when i came out of the service, i put everything behind me. i got on with my life, my marriage, my career. and two years ago i decided, you know, i wonder if some of these guys are still around? >> reporter: so through e-mail and facebook, his former army platoon agreed to meet up. someone was missing. his name, done su.
5:50 am
>> he was our eyes and ears when dealing with the mountain yards and the vietnamese. >> he was a mountain yard, a translator and intelligence during the war. poleson now had a new mission, to track him down. >> i knew that there was enough people out there that could point me in the right direction. >> reporter: turns out after the americans left, fan su spent more than 12 years in a vietnamese prison camp. he then migrated to north carolina, of all places, leaving much of his family behind. >> a gentleman sent me a list of a mountain yard of united mountain yard church in charlotte. and his name was on the list. >> my first reaction was i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the trail eventually led to tom robertson, a charlotte factory owner known for hiring mountain yards. he met him 15 years ago and was struck by his patriotism. >> i've never seen anything like it.
5:51 am
i wish that i had demonstrated my love for america the way he does. >> reporter: that connection led to this day. >> do you know any of these guys? >> reporter: a surprise reunion, not just for the vets, but for their long lost translator now battling liver cancer. >> poleson! >> young. >> yeah, young guy. >> i'm so happy. i was thinking about all of you. >> how great is it to see these guys? >> great. i say great. great to the lord. >> good seeing you. >> i know. >> long time. >> reporter: old friends and now their families together again. >> i love american people because we live together. >> after we embraced and we started talking, i could see that same old smile that was in the pictures going back to 1970. >> long time. >> reporter: sometimes a lot can
5:52 am
be lost in translation. in this case so much was found. for "today," nbc news, charlotte. >> i love that story. >> i know. such a great reunion. encredible for them to get back together like that. still to come, the chance meeting that landed one theater major her biggest break yet. but first, this is "today" on nbc. i want to tell you about a unique group of people. these people all love their dentist. they also have one other thing in common... we helped them find that dentist. because finding a dentist that you'll be comfortable going to, that you trust, is hard. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist and we can do the same for you.
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still to come, helping women love their bodies at any shape. a photographer celebrates the power of being a mom. plus, nothing can stop their wedding day, not even a tornado. we'll take tout interesting wedding party. but first, these messages.
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you are watching "today in the bay." >> good saturday morning to you. looking live at san francisco from our camera in emeryville and gray clouds overhead. let's find out what the forecast looks like. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> good morning. those gray clouds hints at the
5:57 am
stronger sea breeze which will keep our afternoon temperatures down. right now low clouds in the san jose even out towards the tri-valley and our afternoon temperatures nicely comfortable. mostly sunny, 73 in san jose, mid 70s around saratoga and morgan hill. to san francisco highs in the low 60s and towards the tri-valley around livermore, 75 degrees. should be perfect for the livermore wine country festival. head out again. we'll be looking at temperatures in the mid 70s through the afternoon. check us the nbc bay area booth and for more information, livermore gorgeous weather this weekend, trending cooler approaching monday. kris. >> thanks. he's coming home the 15-year-old stowaway who hid in the wheel well of a maui bound flight left hawaii thought to be headed back to the bay area. the 15-year-old boy survived subzero temperatures and a five-hour flight. he had been in the custody of officials in a hospital since landing on april 20th. he told police he hoped to -- he
5:58 am
hopped a fence at mineta international after an argument at a home. he then climbed up the landing gear into the wheel well of a boeing 767. he says he was looking to reunite with his mother in eastern ethiopia. they're cracking down before the party starts. san jose police department setting the tone this weekend on what is traditionally an unruly celebration in downtown san jose. they want to take the fight out of cinco de mayo. officers began making rounds yesterday in the downtown area. the santa clara sheriff's office will have its gang task force out during this weekend's festivities. sources tell nbc bay area that certain deputies will be looking for parole or probation violators as they are targeted as possible troublemakers. previous cinco de mayo festivals in the area gave way to violence and vandalism like this one. coming up on "today in the bay" get out your glasses, your
5:59 am
google glass that is, the idea behind a nationwide event set for tonight in the peninsula and will dispel myths ability the controversial device they say. that story and the rest of the day's news coming up at 7:00. here's mores of the "today" show.
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welcome back on this saturday, may 3rd, 2014. a beautiful shot this morning from churchill downs. beautiful because it includes our very own dillon drier. the 140th running of the kentucky derby is hours away. her hats are getting bigger. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. >> so is the camera lens. it just turned vertical. >> we'll check in with her in just a minute to find out about the latest hat on her head. anyway, coming up in this half hour, here's a story of being in the right place at the right time. i'm going to shart story of one college student's journey fro theater major to tv star and how she got a reoccurring role on the hit show "grimm." >> i love that story. a woman's struggle can dealing with her new body after she's
6:01 am
given birth. on this final day of our love yourself series, we'll introduce you to a photographer who is helping to help moms embrace their new self by showing them just how beautiful they are. plus, we'll introduce you to a singer who thought she needed to appear in a reality competition show to get her big break. turns out she didn't have to leave home to be recognized by millions. soon, she koend up at the top of the charts. we look at that deadly avalanche at mt. environment rest. 16 people died on april 18th. this morning we're seeing for first time what the agonizing hours after the avalanche happened. the harrowing moments in a new documentary produced by nbc news peacock productions. it is called everest avalanche tragedy. >> sound good? do you have a radio? >> huge avalanche came down all the way across the entire width
6:02 am
of the ice fall. >> i saw it happen. >> i heard it on the radio. >> what did you see happen, michael? >> big ice fall down off the west shoulder. >> do you copy? we need as many shovels as this camp has. >> we have a lot of chaos. early this morning there was a serious collapse in the ice fall. we're not exactly sure. it seems like there is about five to seven sherpas that are missing. >> there is a lot of stuff there. doctors are gathering there. >> took a couple hours to get up there. so we're trying to hurry as quickly as we can. none of us has been up there yet. we're still kind of evaluating. >> we see something moving. be loud and clear on the radio.
6:03 am
>> on this morning, 100 people are climbing on the mountain. local sherpas hauling gear. >> as we're working our way up the ice fall, the radios are alive the entire time. >> sending sherpas. we have access from below. >> we have access from below, repeat? >> affirmative. >> copy that. >> we're on our way. >> this person oversees many of the sherpas on the mountain. >> i turn my radio on and tried to reach one of my sherpas. one of them told me that at least five or six of my sherpas are buried underneath the avalanche. >> a lot of the sherpas do have radios. they're in contact.
6:04 am
helicopter is 30 minutes out from base camp. they're coming with gear and then a long line an hour and a half out. >> one person surviving at least right now. several buried. >> copy that. >> confirmed. several buried. >> "everest avalanche tragedy" airs tomorrow. >> let's head back to churchill downs for another check the weather. >> we actually shut the satellite truck down and i'm broadcasting from my hat right now. it's amazing. yeah. we're going for height as we, you know, build up these hats. as one of those days where you're going to see all kinds of fun outfits and hats. people wait all year for this event to show off the latest styles. this one i just love how it has motion to it. we're working with that.
6:05 am
we're at churchill downs. some of the horses running behind me, they're the horses that will be running in the derby later on this afternoon and evening. so it is just really cool just to see the calm that comes over churchill downs and everyone, you know, kind of gearing up and getting ready for the big race later on today. and the weather really looks fantastic for the people in the stands and for the horses themselves. the weather is going to be perfect. we're not talking about the extreme heat like what we're seeing out in the west where temperatures will be about 10 to 20 degrees above average. we have this little dip in the jet stream that is lowering humidity. temperatures in the upper midwest and northern plains will be significantly below average. but here in kentucky, we should top out around 70 to 75 degrees. absolutely perfect. most of the weather across the country looks quiet. more flooding rain is possible. . other two inches of rain in and pretty comfortable
6:06 am
weather around the bay area once the low clouds break up. 70s around san jose, low 60s closer to san francisco and low 70s around the north bay, mid 70s near the tri-valley. we will see a slight chance perhaps of seeing a shower or two for the north bay but not for the weekend. we're talking monday as a weak system goes on by and that system by the way will be the reason why our temperatures ahead trending cooler, approaching monday, and then by the middle part of next week see the numbers climb back up, mid 70s inland around san jose by next wednesday. and that is your latest forecast from louisville, kentucky. erica and lefter? >> by the way, two for two on peacock feathers. let's send it over to jenna in the orange room. hello over there. >> we are having a hard time keeping it down over here. hannah and deana davis from key largo -- no, just largo, not key
6:07 am
lar largo. what time did you get up to come here? >> 3:30. >> when did you get up? >> 3:29. >> that's how you do it. now these are fans of the "today" show. take it away. >> one woman is mising to help other women love their bodies after they've had a baby. >> but first, these messages. neil lane designs for hollywood's biggest stars. let's have a look. who's it for? it's for becky. she must be important. oh, she is. now, he designs... for the star in your life. becky, will you marry me? yes. neil lane bridal. uniquely beautiful, hand-crafted rings from hollywood's master of vintage glamour. at kay jewelers - the number one jewelry store in america. every woman should feel like a star. ♪ every kiss begins with kay♪
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we're back with the final day of our "love your selfie" series. it's about loving the skin you're in. according to a survey, women who are mothers are more likely than those who aren't to speak negatively about their appearance. >> but there is one woman who is
6:11 am
making it her mission to change the way moms feel about their bodies after the baby arrives. >> chicago based photographer ashley wells-jackson photographs lots of women for a living. >> beautiful, gorgeous, stunning women. who we thought were perfect. and they would pick themselves apart. >> at first, ashley couldn't relate. >> it was a problem i was able to identify but not something i identified with. all of that changed last year. >> on her wedding day, she found out she was pregnant with twin girls. only to learn soon after one of the twins would not survive the pregnancy. >> i felt broken and damaged and at a point in my life where i wanted to be celebrating my body, i was dealing with the fact that it took it away. >> ashley went into preterm labor at 24 weeks and had an emergency c section and five months after her daughter came home from the hospital, ashley stood on the other side of her lens and captured a single image of herself. >> i wanted to put a picture out there of myself to help myself
6:12 am
cope and to hopefully help other women. >> and from this single photo, the fourth trimester body project was born. ashley posted on facebook looking for other moms willing to bear all for her photo documentary. >> i wanted to, you know, help promote that idea that whatever extra lines or sags or whatever else may be there or may not be there, either way, it's fine. and the fourth trimester body project changed my life. i no longer immediately look at myself in the mirror and say my stomach looks terrible in this shirt. my hips are enormous. i say i'm a woman. i'm beautiful. >> it really felt amazing. it felt empowering. >> it's given me new confidence. >> and my body has grown for two people. it is something to be really, really proud of. >> you learn that to enjoy the journey that i've been on. that got me to this destination. >> i'm not photo shopped.
6:13 am
this is real life. this is motherhood. >> all of the women that come to us are nervous to some degree. some are scared. but there is a real transformation that happens from the time they walk in. and until they leave. >> it is thransformation and th bravery that helped ashley with her own healing process. >> bringing all the battle wounds and stripes and scratches and scars showing that everybody is beautiful. >> this could be one of the biggest struggles for women. they try so hard to make things so much easier. if you want to see more work and see how one of our producers deals with her similar issues of getting her body back after having a baby, head to it is something we all struggle with. lester, you struggled with it. >> yeah. >> i said we all. lester's face is like -- >> i just wanted to be included but not in that. >> welcome to the club. >> thank you.
6:14 am
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6:17 am
of michigan and thanks to a twist of fate or just shear luck, her future is looking brighter than ever. >> i'm so, so excited and happy and thrilled that i got to experience this with all of my best friends surrounding me. >> this could be a typical tv night on any college campus. except this student is not just watching tv, she's about to make her network television debut. jacqueline tiboni is a theater major at the university of michigan starring in plays like "august: osage county" and three sisters. jacqueline has dreamed of making a live as an actor and last february a twist of fate helped her dreams come true. >> my daughter goes to the university of michigan. >> the executive producer of "grimm." he and his wife lyn were visiting their daughter when jacqueline came into a class to
6:18 am
audition for a student film. >> there had been a lot of people at the right place at the right time. this is just so many things had to fall in place. >> turns out, the producers of "grimm" spent months looking for an actress to play a new character on show, auditioning hundreds of actresses for the part. after seeing jacqueline's student film audition, the producers asked her to come back the next day with a chance at landing a major role on a network tv series. >> ready? camera? >> when jack walked into the room and she started to speak, it just hit both of us. we go, wow, this is her. >> he calls me on a saturday and monday is the last day to read for this part. he says i think we found her. i said i think you lost your mind. >> two weeks later, jacqueline was on the set of "grimm" filming her first scene. >> i'm like why me? like i'm this college student. you're taking a risk. why me? and they said, you're the only one that looks like you could
6:19 am
throw a guy against the wall. and i said you can thank my three older brothers for that. >> you've done that before. >> in the show, jacqueline plays trouble, a young woman who doesn't understand why she's always getting into life and death strug wells monsters. >> she's a grimm. >> she does much, most of her own stunts. she's that talented. >> as we're speaking, you've not been on tv yet? >> no. >> are you prepared for suddenly when you are on tv and how people react? >> absolutely not. less than three months after her unlikely casting, jacqueline's work and talent are on display for a national audience. >> nobody calls me teresa. >> so what do they call you? >> they call me trouble. >> it's a real star is born kind of time. >> i couldn't help but notice right behind you on your mirror
6:20 am
is a handwritten note that says you're on tv. did you write that? >> yeah, i did write that. somebody once told me that it can never get that bad if you keep reminding yourself where you're at. so on the worst of days, you look there and you just remember that i'm in an amazing spot. and i'm very, very lucky. >> i have my own note that says i'm still on tv. next weekend i'll take you behind the scenes in portland, oregon, to meet the rest of the cast as they film the season finale. great folks. >> she just seemed fantastic and so excited. >> yeah. she grew up in san francisco, university of michigan, senior getting ready to graduate and that lands in front of her. >> i think we have to do the stars of show. it's great to see from the perspective of someone just starting out. >> i got to meet her before she took off. you can watch "grimm" on friday nights right here on nbc. still to come, a similar story for a young singer who is
6:21 am
finding pain thanks to the power of the internet. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:22 am
6:23 am
still to come, defending donald sterling, why the woman at the center of the xabdal says she doesn't believe he's a racist. [ jennifer ] i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea
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6:26 am
with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? you are watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. looking live at fremont, one of the spots around the bay area that's going to get a well-deserved break from the heat. good morning to you. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda and the cooling will condition, you say some. >> we're seeing the low clouds
6:27 am
and the view from emeryville back to san francisco much same. low clouds this morning and all day sea breeze which will keep our temperatures in the low to mid 70s near san jose, mid 60s san francisco, for the north bay, nice and comfortable for santa rosa, 72, tri-valley seeing numbers in the mid 70s. the temperatures are going to continue to stay somewhat cooler through monday as the system passes by. not impacting the weekend but by monday afternoon perhaps a few showers there around the north bay. you can see our temperature outlook will trend cooler, approaching monday, 60s for highs as we head towards the beginning of next week and the numbers warming again. middle part of next week, back into the mid to upper 70s inland. >> thanks, rob. he's coming home, the 15-year-old stowaway that hid in the wheel well of a maui bound flight left hayy. the 15-year-old boy survived subzero temperatures and a five hour flight. yahya abdi had been in the
6:28 am
custody of child welfare officials since landing on april 20th. abdi told police he hopped a fence at mineta international after an argument at home. then he climbed into the landing gear and into the wheelwell of a boeing 767. he says he was looking to reunite with his mother in eastern ethiopia. cracking down before the party gets started. the san jose police department setting the tone this weekend on what is traditionally an unruly celebration in san jose. they want to take the fight out of cinco de mayo. officers began making the rounds yesterday in the downtown area. the santa clara sheriff's office will have its gang task force out during this weekend's festivities. sources tell nbc bay area that certain deputies will be looking for parole or probation violators as they are targeted as possible trouble makers. previous cinco de mayo celebrations gave way to violence and vandalism like this one in 2007. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," get out your
6:29 am
google glass if you have it. the idea behind the nationwide event set for the peninsula for tonight. but will it be enough to dispel myths about the controversial eye ware. that and all the day's news coming up at 7:00. right now, here's more of the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. it's saturday, may 3, 2014. here's a look at today's top stories. breaking silence, the woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal is speaking out about the clippers owner, their relationship and why she says she doesn't believe he's a racist. this with the clippers facing possible elimination in the playoffs tonight. moving on from tragedy, one couple said nothing was going to stop them from getting married and they meant it, even if a force of nature was stronger than anything they could have ever imagined. and the princes visit the king. a stop at graceland for william and harry as their tour of memphis rolls on now the focus for the royals turns to their long time friend's wedding. good morning, everyone. welcome back on a saturday morning. >> nice to you have all with us.
6:31 am
today is, of course, the running of the kentucky derby. dylan is at churchill downs this morning and she has changed into yet another fabulous hat, number three for the morning. we'll check in with her if a little bit. >> we begin with the woman behind the donald sterling scandal. finally opening up in a televised interview. v v.stiviano thinks he should apologize. her interview comes with the clippers appearing for a do or die game in game seven of the playoffs tonight. we have more. >> reporter: after getting nipped by a single point thursday night by the golden state warriors, it's win or go home tonight for the clippers. with the team's future in the balance, v. stiviano took to abc to defend the team's embattled owner donald sterling. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. through his action, he's shown to be a very generous and kind
6:32 am
man. if he was a real racist, then why would he help the world the way that he has? >> it's an argument that hasn't persuaded commissioner adam silver who has demanded sterling sell the team that he owned since 1981. >> i will urge the board of governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team and we'll do everything in my power to ensure that that happens. >> the board has taken the first step in making it happen, a committee voting unanimously to pursue charge that's would cost sterling his franchise. once sterling receives those charges, he'd have five days to respond in writing. followed within 10 days by a full hearing conducted by the fellow owners. if three fourths of the owners find him guilty, the commissioner takes over the assets and management of the clippers and sell the team. but sterling could sue the league. that is not far fetched. he can stop the process in its tracks if he wins even a
6:33 am
temporary injunction. >> he would have to show and convince a judge that losing an nba franchise constitutes an irrepairable harm. he may have an argument that it is. >> we'll see what happens. >> magic johnson, considered by many the front-runner in any prospective new owner sweepstakes should sterling sell, changed his no interest to this. >> i will be owning an nba team some time. it has to be the right situation. if the clippers are the right situation, of course, it's one of the premier franchises. >> but the distance from here to there and the 81-year-old sterling reportedly battling prostate cancer still stands in the way. for "today," mike tie eastboundy, los angeles. >> let's get you caught up with the other top stories. jenna is following those for us. >> good morning. we begin with the latest out of ukraine. dozens of people have been killed in violent street battles between supporters and opponents of russia in southern ukraine.
6:34 am
we have the very latest from outside the white house this morning. she joins us now. good morning. >> jenna, good morning you to. the crisis in ukraine is growing worse by the day. friday was the deadliest in months. officials in the black seaport city of odesa tell nbc news that 42 people were killed when riots broke out between pro russian and pro kiev protesters, moef died after being trapped in a burning building. now there were reports of more fierce fighting to day in the eastern part of the country. the one piece of good news here is that pro russian insurgents in eastern ukraine released the seven military observers and five ukrainian assistants who had been held captain ive for a week. all this comes as president obama and the german chancellor held a meeting on friday and issued a stern warning to moscow. they would move forward with sector sectoral sanctions which are the sanctions against broad sectors of russia's economy if they
6:35 am
interfere with the may 25th elections and if the situation on the ground continues to worsen. so far russian president putin hasn't been swayed by sanctioned at all. they've mostly been targeted at individuals. the u.s. says they will not use military force to intervene. >> thank you. the first case of a deadly virus known as mersa which is common in the middle east is in the u.s. a man in indiana tested positive for the virus. he is a health care worker that traveled in april from saudi arabia to indiana. the man has been isolated in a local hospital and is in stable condition. we have some alarming statistics to tell you about this morning. a study from boston children's hospital found nearly 30% of all infabts do not sleep on their backs despite recommendations from health experts saying they should. for the last 20 years, parents have been told to place infants on their backs for the first year to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
6:36 am
we are learning this morning that the 15-year-old boy who survived a flight from california to hawaii in the plane's wheel well is no longer in hawaii. officials confirm he did leave the state but did not say how or whether. the teen's father arrived in hawaii earlier this week to bring his son home. but there were reports the two were not allowed to see each other. and finally, take a look at these massive walls of ice. not antarctica. you're looking at the eastern shore of michigan in may. what happened is winds along the shores of lake superior pushed ice further inland than usual. it seems obvious to me. residents are calling it an ice tsunami. look at this. they say they have never, ever seen anything quite like it. mother nature has been treacherous this year. >> that's an understatement in may. thank you. jenna, graceland is -- i'm sorry. you said thank you. and then there is a
6:37 am
teleprompter. i read it like an idiot. >> just keep reading whatever you see right there. >> that's a good one. >> very nice. >> anyway. >> graceland is no stranger to royalty. it's the home of the king, after all. and when two princes visit the king, you can bet huge crowds will follow. kristen dal gren is live with the latest on william and harry's visit. good morning. >> good morning, lester. you know, i imagine the princes are still sleeping at this hour after attending a rehearsal dinner at a local country club last night. a lot of people here hoping that today is their day to get a glimpse. this is a town that is smack dab in the midst of royal fever. the princes at the home of the king. william and harry took a spin an elvis presley's mansion friday, complete with the audio tour head phones. they arrived under high security giving crowds just a glimpse for
6:38 am
those gathered outside the gates, that is exactly what they came for. >> the royal family is here. >> william and harry are in town for the wedding of their good friend, london club owner guy pelley, the holiday inn heiress later today. at the polio club, workers were seen putting up a massive tenlt. meantime, at the rehearsal dinner at the memphis country club friday night, a black motorcade could be seen going in behind closed gates. still, residents are hopeful the princes might at some point mingle with the masses. >> i don't know what we would say to him. just welcome to america. >> and while there is disappointment by some that william is traveling without wife kate -- >> are you disappointed that kate didn't come? >> yes. >> we didn't hear the same disappointment that harry is solo off his recent split from his girlfriend. >> he's good looking.
6:39 am
>> who wants to marry a prince? >> everybody. >> it seems like a lot of memphis belles and their moms have one dream in mind. >> tell my daughter that princes just i don't exist on the disney channel. we love all things royal. >> now the hash tag royals in memphis is trending in twitter. people spotting where they spot royalty. all are expected at the wedding later on tonight. but where they go between now and then anyone's guess. a lot of people will be watching, lester. >> all right. thank you very much. i've got it together by the way. let's get a final check of the weather this morning. >> that threw me off. >> erica. >> we'll go back out to churchill downs for final preparations for the kentucky derby. good morning. >> good morning. i'm wearing the double wide now.
6:40 am
this is more of a skuculpt hatnator. the rathers really add the width to the hat. i had vertical last time. now we're going straight up horizontal. at churchill downs, the track is quiet now. the horses are done warming you. some races will get under way later on this morning, another hour or so. all is qui he right now. of course the big race getting underway at 6:24 this afternoon. it is going to be a dry track this year. much different than the conditions we had last year. you know, it rains at about 48% of the last 139 kentucky derby races. this year, it's 140th, the coldest was down in the 40s. the warmest, may 2nd at 94 degrees. the wettest was in 1918. we are going to see ideal conditions for the horses and everybody who is coming out for all the festivities today. we are looking at really not a whole lot going on besides
6:41 am
partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the lower 70s. it does look fantastic. despite rain in florida, most of . >> and outside we have the clouds back, a sign that ocean air conditioning is kicking off the weekend with 50s outside right now and as we head toward the afternoon, should see low 70s around san jose, upper 60s to near 70 around the peninsula, low 60s for san francisco and to the north bay, 7 in santa rosa. you see livermore, 75 degrees. fantastic weather for the livermore wine country festival. those numbers in the mid 70s today. breezy at times as we head into the afternoon. trending cooler as we head into sunday and monday. and that is your latest forecast from louisville, kentucky. back to you. >> all right. thank you. people in the tornado ravaged towns in the middle of the country are working around the clock this weekend trying to recover from that devastating earlier in the week. for one couple, that means
6:42 am
moving forward by taking their tragedy and turning it into a new beginning. we have their story. as a powerful tornado tore across arkansas last weekend, angie ril, a schoolteacher, was home alone, hiding in a cloz tote wa -- closet to wait out the storm. the tornado took away almost everything that angie and her fiance had in life. >> i'm glad she's here. she survived. that's all that matters. >> the couple was planning on getting married next week. but if the tornado taught them anything, it's that life is too short to wait. >> may you always hold each other and give strength to each other to hold on during the storms. >> so the couple decided the perfect time to tie the knot was with their friends who gathered friday to help them clean up debris. >> you may kiss the groom. >> no fancy clothes, no music, just a bottle of wine, some wedding cake, and a few dozen
6:43 am
helping hands to sort through the rubble. >> there is the first wedding i ever wore work boots to. >> their friends found documents, photographs, and pieces of randy and angie's lives scattered across the hillside. >> this is her home and we're here to help her rebuild. >> the newlyweds found the power of friendship. >> angie is my best friend and there is no place i'd rather be than helping her start her new life. >> i think that everybody is feeling the love from our community and from the people around us. it helps comfort no matter what the extent of the loss. >> angie and randy may not have much else at the moment, but think do have faith, hope, and love. for "today", charles hatlock, nbc news. >> still to come on "today," could she be the next superstar? we'll introduce you to the singer capturing hearts and we'll introduce you to the sif you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, like me,
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jared, the galleria of jewelry has a selection larger than ordinary jewelry stores, including unique styles you won't find anywhere else. the perfect gift. i love it! from an almost-perfect guy... ...that's why he went to jared. the last few years there have been so many talented young singers making it in the music world thanks to reality competition shows like "the voice" and the other one. but one teen is on her way now without any of that. >> all it took is one song with inspiring lyrics on youtube and her dreams are making it big are closer than ever to coming true. here is her story. >> this is "american idol." >> reporter: like so many aspiring singers, this 18-year-old dreams of appearing on the "idol" stage. ♪ there's a father who will love
6:48 am
you ♪ >> she begged her father in a way only a teenager would dream of stardom can to let her audition. his response, he will consequent and to the point. saying molly, if god is interested in putting you up on a national platform, he doesn't need ryan seacrest or "american idol." dad was right. on april 0th, molly posted this video. ♪ everything's going to be all right ♪ >> the original song titled "his daughter" garnered some 13,000 views on youtube in just two days. and then came a boost from the video on facebook and it went viral. racking up more than 2.5 million views and counting. ♪ she just wanted to feel something ♪ >> you don't really ever expect something like that to happen to you especially when you're from
6:49 am
minnesota. >> thanks to the power of internet and wise words from dad, it has. for "today," nbc news, new york. >> aspiring story. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
6:50 am
♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
6:51 am
we can't let dillon have all the fun down there. we're trying to step up the game. wow. >> she brought out the big guns in the end. >> i like it. >> that looks like a planet. >> this is, you know, classic go figure go home. it has a built in umbrella in it. we don't need it. the weather looks perfect. this is a hat built for a meteorologist. partly cloudy, 73 degrees.
6:52 am
fantastic. >> if the winds pick up, you're going to fly away. >> you'll have great reception if you need to call someone. >> we want to let folks know, you can watch the derby today at 4:00 on nbc. coverage begins at noon on nbc sports network. >> and coming up tomorrow on "today", we'll have the latest a journey for a couple that we've been following for years now, a young woman who was paralyzed a week before her wedding. she and her husband are starting the next chapter of their lives. >> we kick off our weekend's biggest fan series with jenna's adventures of sorts. we'll see you then. have a great
6:53 am
6:54 am
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6:57 am
good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up next on "today in the bay," he has left the island. the 15-year-old stowcle away from santa clara is no longer in honolulu. where the officials are saying this morning. and they're already out in full force. what police are doing to try to ensure a peaceful cinco de mayo weekend. a cool down and could there be rain in the forecast? rob mayeda tells us about that. [doorbell rings]
6:58 am
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from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." good morning and what a beautiful way to start the day. a little bit of cloud cover and cooler temperatures, but isn't that nice to hear after those blistering days we had last week. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. i have to say i was really whiney the last couple days. >> a lot of us were. >> hot. >> not just at your household. temperatures well into the 90s the last couple days. yesterday started to see the
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